Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Related Matters Solat Qasar and Solat Jama

When a person is Musafir more than two marhalah, then it should be solat Qasar and the solat Jama at all. Which means it can be Solat Jama in the two prayers and Solat Qasar once. However, it can do one of the following:

Solat Jama two obligatory prayers without shortened.
Solat Jama two obligatory prayers and shortened.
Solat Qasar without Solat jama. the Zohor prayers, Asar, Isya performed by separate observed.

Solat Qasar and Jama is a concession given by Allah to His servants in all the time for Musafir, easy or difficult as long as more than two marhalah.
Beginning this Musafir is calculated after we leave the area, either through rivers, ditches, borders of the city or area is no longer building.

The end of the Musafir is when we enter the beginning of a journey or just reach the destination more than four days to live.

Solat Qasar and Solat jama can be done when the course of a Musafir, not less than 56 miles or 89 km even though errors in the determination of the distance between the clergy away. So, to be careful, is best measured from 56 miles.

Solat for those who travel have three ways:

Solat Qasar with Jama once.
Jama without Qasar.
Qasar without the Jama.

Between the two Solat Jama can not be separated by a very long distance. Thus, after only a greeting ( Salam), just keep the prayers. Solat Jama with one Adhan and two Iqamat.

People Solat Qasar should not be in the perfect priest prayers (tamam). When a person has reached the beginning of it off earlier, then finished Solat Qasar and Jamal. It can no longer perform the prayers in the plural and shortened.

When a person is musafir and stop at one place for four days or longer, then it is not counted as a Musafir. But, if they want to stop there for three days, there may be Solat Jama and Solat Qasar. Three days does not include the days and days to come out.

When a person is stopped at a place with the intention to be there for three days, but because business is not done from day to day, it required the Solat jama and Solat Qasar to 18 days.

When a person is traveling as a vice as to the purpose of committing adultery, stealing, or other, it is not required to pray the Jama and Qasar. The journey of a traveler, it should be clear and know where the destination. If he does not know where to direct the way, do not have to perform Solat Qasar / Jama.

Solat Jama (Jama only) can also be karyah members who intend to perform prayers when heavy rain and the village is a common area is muddy and rainy conditions at the beginning of both prayer and Salam between them and the first prayer. If it does not matter if the rain stops in the middle of prayer in the middle of the first or second prayer.

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